Richie Camden

Position: Musher and Dog Trainer
Home State: Missouri

Richie was born in Affton, Missouri and grew up in Davenport, Iowa and Rockford, Illinois. He graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2008 and worked for a year up in Michigan before he returned to the St. Louis area and went back to school to get his dog training certificate.

There was never a plan to have a dog sled team until a runaway Siberian Husky found Richie (on rollerblades) and Koivu while they were out on a run. Koivu and the runaway husky pulled Richie back to his car and he was immediately hooked.

With no mentor, Richie assembled a six dog team with two borrowed dogs. He began training his team while they pulled him on rollerblades. Richie completed his first race, the Jack Pine 30, in February of 2012 and the Breakaway Kennels sled dog team has been growing ever since.



Position: Musher and Handler
Home State: Missouri

Leah was born in Affton, Missouri and grew up in Bridgeton, Missouri. She met Richie back when he only had one dog, in November of 2010.

After they rescued Fleury, Leah encouraged Richie to try to do a race. One year, two dogs and many near death experiences later, she was handling for their first race in the 2012, Jack Pine 30, in Marquette, Michigan.

Leah has handled Richie’s teams for every race. She will be running in her first race at the end of the 2013 / 2014 racing season.

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