Fleury, Richie, Koivu, Spezza and Leah – posing for a picture after a sled dog presentation…

The Breakaway Kennels Sled Dog presentation is a unique, hands on learning experience for students of all ages ! For the past three years, Richie and his dogs have traveled around to present at schools throughout the Midwest.

For Kindergarten through eighth grade – Musher, Richie Camden and racing dogs, Koivu and Fleury give a fun-filled 90-minute presentation about sled dogs. Important topics such as teamwork, leadership, safety, responsibility and loyalty are talked about throughout the presentation.

The students will also learn about the history of sled dogs along wiht how Richie and his team got started. Koivu and Fleury have been known to add in their comments throughout the presentation, and will sometimes carry on a conversation with Richie.

The presentation is highly interactive and volunteering students will get the opportunity to harness and bootie up Koivu and Fleury. Other students will learn the importance of teamwork first hand as each sled position is reviewed and then assigned to a student as they work together to pull a sled. And one lucky student will get the chance to challenge Fleury to his famous “staring contest”.

Presentations will be grouped (K-1, 2-5, 6-8) as to allow for age appropriate material to be discussed.

The cost of a presentation is $200.

If you would like to schedule a presentation or learn more details about the education programs, please call Richie at 314-973-2174

Richie and Fleury explaining to the kids about dog sledding.