The Legend of Kaiya – The Escape Artist

During my younger years, I had an obsession with magic.  I used to love watching the David Copperfield specials on TV.  I was always amazed at how he could pull off such amazing feats of magic.  A few years later, I was equally as stuck by David Blaine's "Street Magic."  I enjoyed magic so much [...]

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A Season’s End

  There has never been an easy end to any of our seasons - whether it ends successfully or in disappointment.  I love running the dogs.  It's a place my mind is clear and all feels right.  In Missouri, our seasons usually end suddenly.  One day it's still in the the 40's and the next [...]

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Why We Adopted Two More Dogs When My Wife Was Pregnant

It came as quite a shock when we found out my wife was pregnant.  We always wanted kids but we imagined that time would come when our life was more settled, if there really is such a thing? Our lifestyle wasn't exactly ideal to bring a child into the world.  At the time, we had [...]

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Breakaway Siberians Visits Loves Park Elementary School

Breakaway Siberians continues educating students each year, and visited Loves Park Elementary school. View the video and story online here, at or read the story below. Mush! Sled dog team visit kicks off four-week unit at Loves Park Elementary By Corina Curry LOVES PARK – Fourth-graders at Loves Park Elementary School learned the the [...]

January 5th, 2017|News|

Breakaway Siberians Featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch

The Breakaway Siberians were featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Read the story below or on the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s website here. Hillsboro man mushing his way to happiness by Joe Holleman HILLSBORO • Hard to say for sure, but Richie Camden may be the greatest sled-dog racer in Jefferson County history. Training with little [...]

January 5th, 2017|News|

The Dog Sled Ride Dream

The wholesale nfl jerseys Current cheap jerseys News cheap jerseys Magazine Kids – Where by feature writer, Amy Moore This fall, a man was granted one of his wishes as he got to ride along with the Breakaway Kennels team. The Dog Sled Ride Dream Oct 22, 2013 Feature Writer Amy Moore The Dog [...]

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